• AUDEW-800a
    AUDEW 800A Portable Powerbank Car Starter

    The new Roypow jump starter is certainly one of the most powerful jumpers out there right now. And with it’s IP66 construction it sure is a big hit with consumers. And rightfully so. It is a great product. And at the moment it has one of the highest ratings on Amazon. However, one thing is […]

  • The New Super Powerful RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

    There seems to be no end as to where the limit is reached when it comes to Car Jump Starters. Every month there is a new, more powerful product hitting the shelves that blows everyone away with its sheer brute force ability to start seriously big engines. Over the years there have been some great […]

  • Silver-Jump-Starter
    The New Silver 1byone Car Battery Booster Pack

    When a product line has fierce competition it forces the competing companies to keep on producing new and improved products. In some ways this is good news for the buyers because constant improvement means the products just keep getting better and better. But it can get somewhat expensive if your someone who likes to have […]

  • Anypro-600A-Peak-15000-mAh-Safe-Car-Jump-Starter
    Portable Jump Starter For a 3 Litre Car

    Portable jump starter for a 3 litre car. The Anypro 600A Portable Jump Starter (New product now available) has been mentioned on a previous post on this website. It took the 1byone Jump Starter out of first place by becoming the new, number 1 best seller on Amazon in their respective category. It’s easy to […]

  • Portable-Car-Jump-Starter-With-Power-Bank
    1byone Best Portable Car Jump Starter With Power Bank

    The winter is almost upon us. More car battery’s fail in the winter than at any other time of the year. The call-out rate in the winter that breakdown companies like AA and RAC receive for flat battery’s is staggering. With the 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter With 9000mAh Power Bank you will not be […]