• Silver-Nissan-Micra-2001
    Patience Pays When Buying a Used Car

    Recently, a family member had been looking to buy his first car. He had from between £500 – £800 to spend. He wanted something that was cheap to buy and cheap to insure and he wasn’t too concerned about what the car looked like, just as long as it was a good reliable first car. […]

  • High-mileage-Yaris-Odometer-2008-dial
    Toyota Yaris High Mileage No Problem

    The Toyota Yaris is one of the most impressive high mileage small cars you can buy. Reliability is one of it’s strongest points. The Yaris has arguably the most reliable small engine of any other car. Most people tell you to steer clear of a car with high mileage. They say “Over 100K, don’t touch […]