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    What To Check When Buying a Used Car

    I know there are some of you out there asking what type of things to check and look out for when buying a used car. First off, be aware that each make and model of car will have a certain set of criteria that should be checked, kind of like common faults for that model. […]

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    Patience Pays When Buying a Used Car

    Recently, a family member had been looking to buy his first car. He had from between £500 – £800 to spend. He wanted something that was cheap to buy and cheap to insure and he wasn’t too concerned about what the car looked like, just as long as it was a good reliable first car. […]

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    5 Of The Best Cheap Insurance Cars

    With car insurance being one of the most expensive costs you incur when running a car it’s important that you try to get covered for as cheap as possible. Cheap insurance cars usually all have one thing in common, a small engine. This means they are not the fastest thing on the road but in […]