• Toyota-Yaris-Bonnet-Hood-Release
    How To Open a Toyota Yaris Bonnet

    Simple things can sometimes be confusing if you’ve never seen or had to use them before. How do you open the bonnet (Hood) on a Toyota Yaris. Well, it’s quite similar to the Nissan Micra. First, look down to where the accelerator pedal is located, then look to the right side (Left side for USA) […]

  • Nissan-Micra-Bonnet-Latch
    How To Open a Bonnet On a Nissan Micra

    So you’ve just bought a Nissan Micra and want, or need to know how to open the bonnet. This post is about opening the bonnet (Hood) on the older Nissan Micra’s not the newer ones. I don’t think the newer ones will be much different though. OK, lets say you are sitting in the drivers […]