• Nissan-Micra-Engine-Bay
    What To Check When Buying a Used Car

    I know there are some of you out there asking what type of things to check and look out for when buying a used car. First off, be aware that each make and model of car will have a certain set of criteria that should be checked, kind of like common faults for that model. […]

  • High-mileage-Yaris-Odometer-2008-dial
    Toyota Yaris High Mileage No Problem

    The Toyota Yaris is one of the most impressive high mileage small cars you can buy. Reliability is one of it’s strongest points. The Yaris has arguably the most reliable small engine of any other car. Most people tell you to steer clear of a car with high mileage. They say “Over 100K, don’t touch […]

  • Toyta-Yaris-SR-Car
    Toyota Yaris VIN Number Location

    If you need to find the VIN number of your Toyota Yaris (1999 – 2005) it can be slightly confusing. On some models the number can be located on the lower part of windscreen, which is visible when looking at the bottom of the windscreen from the outside of the car. Or it can be […]