• Ring-RAC635-Car-Tyre-Inflator
    RAC635 Automated Digital Car Tyre Pump / Inflator

    The Ring RAC635 is one of the cheapest tyre inflators you can buy that offers this level of automation. All you have to do is screw the air hose connector on to your car wheel tyre valve, set the unit to your desired tyre pressure / PSI level by literally turning a knob that’s on […]

  • 12-Volt-Digital-Fast-Car-Tyre-Inflator
    Digital Automatic Screw On Car Tyre Inflator / Compressor

    This small, easy to use 12 Volt Digital Tyre Inflator is an excellent item for the cheap price. It has many useful and practical features that easily make it one of the best digital Tyre Inflators in its price bracket. It uses the auxiliary / cigarette lighter socket as its power source, is fairly fast […]