• Group 1 Insurance Cars – Used Cars

    Here’s a list of insurance group 1 cars that can be bought used. It’s worth noting that if you perform a car insurance quote online for different insurance group 1 and insurance group 2 cars, you’ll notice that in most cases there really isn’t that much difference in price. There will most probably be no […]

  • Insurance Group 1 Small Cars

    In a previous post I talked about low insurance group cars that were also very cheap to buy and maintain. One of the key aspects for the list was that they were also reliable. The cars talked about previously were older models. In this post the top 6 Insurance Group 1 cars are more newer […]

  • Car Insurance Estimates Online

    When looking for cheap car insurance Online it’s important to remember that most insurance companies are giving you an estimate. This basically means that going on the information that you provided when you filled out all the questions on the quote form has determined the estimate price you have been given by each company. So […]

  • Toyota-Yaris-Back
    Toyota Yaris Back Light Bulb Issues Fix

    Toyota Yaris, a great car, very reliable. However, they do suffer from a few niggling problems. One being the back light bulbs. Sometimes they blow, or just stop working for no apparent reason. This is a problem I have had with my own Toyota Yaris. For some reason the back drivers side brake light would […]

  • Toyota-Yaris-Front-Blue
    Petrol Cap Release On A Toyota Yaris

    The Toyota Yaris is a great car. They seem to be much less tinny than a lot of the other little cars I’ve had over the years. They are also a bit different in other ways too. When you first buy a Toyota Yaris you might be thinking to yourself, where the hell is the […]

  • Silver-Nissan-Micra-2001
    5 Of The Best Cheap Insurance Cars

    With car insurance being one of the most expensive costs you incur when running a car it’s important that you try to get covered for as cheap as possible. Cheap insurance cars usually all have one thing in common, a small engine. This means they are not the fastest thing on the road but in […]

  • Bell Car Insurance Saves The Day

    In a previous post I talked about getting my car insurance renewal quote, and it being more expensive then last years even though I now had another years no claims bonus. Which now takes it up to 7 years No Claims Bonus. After looking at reviews for other car insurance company’s I was left horrified […]

  • Car Insurance Reviews Have Me Spooked

    That times come again. You know, when your insurance renewal has just come in the post and even though you now have another years no claims bonus they still have the cheek to raise your insurance premium by a few hundred quid. If this wasn’t offensive enough they even add a little flyer mixed in […]

  • Toyta-Yaris-SR-Car
    Toyota Yaris VIN Number Location

    If you need to find the VIN number of your Toyota Yaris (1999 – 2005) it can be slightly confusing. On some models the number can be located on the lower part of windscreen, which is visible when looking at the bottom of the windscreen from the outside of the car. Or it can be […]

  • Ford-KA
    Ford KA Car Scrap Value 2013 More Money

    Ford KA cars make great little run arounds. I used to have one myself. They are cheap to buy, cheap to run, and cheap to maintain. Great on insurance being group 2. Had mine for about a year and in that time nothing went wrong with it. When I say nothing I mean it started […]