• hyundai-getz-sport-black
    Cheaper Car Body Repairs In Birmingham

    Hopefully you never need to get your cars body repaired. But, seeing that you’ve ended up on this particular post, chances are that you’re probably looking for information about car body repairs in Birmingham. Well, let me just give you the bad news first. Wherever you are in the UK, Birmingham, London, Manchester or anywhere […]

  • Car-Scrap-yard
    Car Scrap Value Hits Rock Bottom 2016

    After enjoying several years of really good scrap value prices, and maybe even taking them for granted a little, the price of scrap metal has hit a very low point. Basically rock bottom. I recently found this out the hard way when my car was written off and had to be sold for scrap. Really, […]

  • Hyundai-Getz-Sport-Car
    How To Open Gas / Petrol Cap On Hyundai Getz

    Despite setting out to get another small Japanese car due to my last car, a Toyota Yaris SR, being written off because someone crashed into the back of it while it was parked, I recently ended up buying a used Hyundai Getz Sport. Reviews for this car are really good, and a lot of buyers […]

  • Silver-Jump-Starter
    The New Silver 1byone Car Battery Booster Pack

    When a product line has fierce competition it forces the competing companies to keep on producing new and improved products. In some ways this is good news for the buyers because constant improvement means the products just keep getting better and better. But it can get somewhat expensive if your someone who likes to have […]

  • Anypro-600A-Peak-15000-mAh-Safe-Car-Jump-Starter
    Portable Jump Starter For a 3 Litre Car

    Portable jump starter for a 3 litre car. The Anypro 600A Portable Jump Starter (New product now available) has been mentioned on a previous post on this website. It took the 1byone Jump Starter out of first place by becoming the new, number 1 best seller on Amazon in their respective category. It’s easy to […]

  • Two-Tonne-Swivel-Head-Scissor-Car-Jack
    Cheap 2 Tonne Swivel Head Scissor Car Jack

    2 Tonne Scissor Car Jack (In red) with a convenient swivel head. Two Tonne weight capacity makes this jack more than capable to be able to handle the load from most cars the fall within the hatchback, saloon, estate, and even bigger sized vehicles without any problem what so ever. A BMW X5 is listed […]

  • Emergency-Car-Jump-Starter-Charging-Phone
    Emergency Car Jump Starter With Built In Power Pack

    You know an emergency car jump starter is good when you read through the reviews and see that there are people who work in the car industry, like mechanics and roadside assistance that are saying that the RAVPower 500A Vehicle Jump Starter is the product that they use on a daily basis. RAVPower model now […]

  • Ring-RAC635-Car-Tyre-Inflator
    RAC635 Automated Digital Car Tyre Pump / Inflator

    The Ring RAC635 is one of the cheapest tyre inflators you can buy that offers this level of automation. All you have to do is screw the air hose connector on to your car wheel tyre valve, set the unit to your desired tyre pressure / PSI level by literally turning a knob that’s on […]

  • Sealey-VS166-Hose-Clamp-Pliers
    Sealey VS166 Spring Hose Clip Clamp Pliers

    Have you ever tried to do some work on your car, without having the right tools at hand, that involves loosening or removing spring hose clips. It can be really hard work when all you have at hand is a normal pair of pliers. I went through this myself once when replacing a Ford KA […]

  • 12v-24v-Battery-Voltage-Meter-Monitor-Tester-Checker
    12V 24V Car Cigarette Lighter Battery Voltage Meter Tester

    This 12V 24V Car Cigarette Lighter Battery Voltage Meter Tester is a great little gadget that is very useful to have handy all year round, but essential to have in the winter time. More car battery’s fail in the winter than at any other time in the year. A healthy battery that holds its charge […]