• Kids Spiderman Car Seat with Cup Holder Review

    Kids Spiderman Car Seat with Cup Holder Review. Being a parent truly changes your life. While there might have once been a time when you didn’t think twice about the speed you were driving as long as it was under or on the limit, now that your child is with you, you will no doubt […]

  • Clarion-NZ502E-single din-audio-gps
    Clarion NZ502E Single Din Sat-Nav Stereo Review

    The King of the Single Dins? Despite the novelty of driving inevitably wearing off the longer a drive continues for, car journeys can still be quite fun when you are equipped with an excellent mile munching helper like the Clarion NZ502E. Music, video for when you take a driving break, and a built-in navigation stereo […]

  • Cordless-Pump-Wheels
    Cordless Portable Handheld Tyre Inflator

    Welcome to the future of tyre inflators. Compressors that now look exactly like cordless drills. Well, at least the Air Hawk PRO and a few others do. One of the main complaints in regards to the annoying aspects of electric car tyre pumps is the Auxiliary cord. Most say they are made too short to be […]

  • Double-Din-8-Inch-VW
    Pumpkin 7.1 Android Double Din GPS Car Stereo

    Car stereos don’t just play music anymore, they are now Android based computer systems. With the Pumpkin CN01-03302B-02A (pictured above) you get all the latest car technology. GPS, OBD2 compatibility, Bluetooth, DVD, WiFi, Parking sensor, HD video recording, and so much more. The Pumpkin 7.1 Android Nougat Double Din car stereo is basically an enhanced […]

  • car-umbrella-tent-uk
    Portable Remote Controlled Car Umbrella

    No, were not talking about an umbrella insurance policy, were talking protection from the elements. Car umbrella’s have been doing the rounds for a number of years now. They are much more popular in America due to some states, like Texas, California and Florida getting so much sunshine throughout the year. A good car umbrella ultimately […]

  • hyundai-car-logo-meaning-hidden-small
    Does The Hyundai “Handshake” Logo Have A Hidden Meaning

    It’s been talked about a lot, and many people speculate. But does the Hyundai logo have a hidden meaning. What you see is the letter H inside an oval. The “H” represents a car dealer and new car owner shaking hands after a successful deal. It’s supposed to symbolise trust and happiness between buyer and […]

  • Audi-A3-Convertible-S-Line-Front-3
    Car Insurance Gets More Ridiculous Every Year

    If you’re an old hand with Car insurance, as in you’ve been driving for quite a few years, you’ll no doubt be aware of how many aspects of a person’s life affect the price of their car insurance. A lot of them shouldn’t really be relevant, but as I have come to find out about […]

  • Pet-Ramp-SUV_Car
    Dog Ramps For Cars / SUVs

    I never even knew that dog ramps existed until a few weeks ago. I discovered them by accident while I was looking at different types of car servicing ramps. And wow, there are so many different types to choose from. There are dog ramps that look like a kids mini slide, some that fold up, […]

  • AUDEW-800a
    AUDEW 800A Portable Powerbank Car Starter

    At 18000mAh the RoyPow does have a slightly bigger battery capacity, but it’s not really by much. And their top-tier 800A Peak is identical. Both are capable of starting huge engines and are completely portable. And needless to say, one of the main selling points of these items is that they not only start cars, […]

  • The New Super Powerful RoyPow J18 Car Jump Starter

    There seems to be no end as to where the limit is reached when it comes to Car Jump Starters. Every month there is a new, more powerful product hitting the shelves that blows everyone away with its sheer brute force ability to start seriously big engines. Over the years there have been some highly […]

  • hyundai-getz-sport-black
    Cheaper Car Body Repairs In Birmingham

    Hopefully you never need to get your cars body repaired. But, seeing that you’ve ended up on this particular post, chances are that you’re probably looking for information about car body repairs in Birmingham. Well, let me just give you the bad news first. Wherever you are in the UK, Birmingham, London, Manchester or anywhere […]

  • Car-Scrap-yard
    Car Scrap Value Hits Rock Bottom 2016

    After enjoying several years of really good scrap value prices, and maybe even taking them for granted a little, the price of scrap metal has hit a very low point. Basically rock bottom. I recently found this out the hard way when my car was written off and had to be sold for scrap. Really, […]