• one-of-the-smallest-cars-ever
    5 Cars That Are Cheap To Insure In The UK

    Cars have made traveling much easier. We can now travel far distances in a short time thanks to these incredibly convenient inventions that so many seem to take for granted these days. While the ever-evolving enhancements being made on cars are improving the comfort and safety of our travels, cars are also becoming more expensive […]

  • AXA-Insurance-crash-test
    AXA Car Insurance Terrible Customer Service

    Sent in by a visitor. AXA Car insurance has some of the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. None of the departments that deal with accident claims seem to know the right department to put me through to. It appears to be so unorganised that its been […]

  • Yellow-Lamborghini-2018
    What Car Holds The Fastest Lap Record At Nürburgring

    The fastest official lap recorded at Nürburgring Nordschleife is now held by the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, which was achieved in just under 6 minutes and 45 seconds (6:44:97). The expert driver who set the new record was Marco Mapelli, and you can watch the actual lap from the Aventador SVJ’s passenger seat in the video […]

  • Old-Classic-Jaguar-Car-Logo-JLR
    Worrying Times For Jaguar Land Rover

    If it wasn’t bad enough already that around 1,000 workers were relived of their jobs at Jaguar Land Rover within past year, now the situation gets even worse with the announcement that workers at the Castle Bromwich plant will now be put on a 3 days work per week schedule on the run up to […]

  • Lexus-LC500-Coupe-Red-Front-Picture
    2018 Lexus LC 500 Coupe Quick Spec And Pictures

    Here we have a real beast of a Coupe, a real stunner. Reminds me a bit of an Aston Martin from the back. The rear wheel drive 2018 Lexus LC 500 auto is packing a 5 litre V8 engine that produces an impressive 471 BHP. It can reach 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds, with a […]

  • Bentley-Showroom-Dealership-Birmingham-United-Kingdom
    The New Bentley Continental GT Twin Turbo Coupe Review Video

    I know it’s a bit late, but a new 2018 / 2019 Bentley like this is always worth a post. Mat Watson from Carwow.com gets to review the new GT. Yes, that includes taking it out for a quick test drive. The new Continental GT 4 seater Coupe is, in my opinion, one of the […]

  • woman-driver-cheaper-car-insurance-canada
    Become A Female And Save Money On Your Car Insurance

    That is exactly what one male did. And guess what, he managed to save well over £500 on his car insurance. The man, from Canada, got a quote for a new car that was through the roof. Not happy, he asked how much the insurance would be if he was a woman, and was surprised […]

  • hyundai-getz-sport-black
    How To Open The Boot – Hyundai Getz

    How to open the boot on a Hyundai Getz. This may seem like a no-brainer to most people, but the amount of people who end up on this website from typing that into Google is fairly high. Like all the easy “How To” things to do with cars, they seem easy when you know how […]

  • Best-Clarke-auto-power-pack
    Clarke 4000 Auto Jump Start Review

    Clarke 4000 Jump Start Review. What do you need, more portability or more power. Generally speaking, the more powerful a jump starter is, the bigger it is. So in that regard, the Clarke 4000 Heavy-Duty Jump Start is packing much more power than the hundreds of hand-held jump starters that are out there. The Clarke […]

  • Car-Speaker-150-W
    Pioneer TS-WX120A Underseat Subwoofer

    Whether you’re getting a bit too old for driving around with a boot that’s basically a speaker box, or your just looking for a mini upgrade to your additional audio equipment, the small but fairly mighty Pioneer TS-WX120A Underseat Subwoofer (New model now available –TS-WX130EA ) makes an excellent little space-saving companion for enhancing your […]

  • one-din-radio
    Cheapest MP3 Car Stereo With Bluetooth, Aux + USB Port

    What’s the cheapest MP3 car stereo you can buy brand new in the UK that has Bluetooth, a USB port, Aux connection, and a TF memory card slot. After some research, it has to be the Kidcia SU-1089 Single-Din. These three features alone make this car radio a very good deal for the price. Bluetooth […]

  • Air Compressor
    QZT Electric Car Tyre Pump With Screen

    These days, an electric car pump that is small, portable and easy to use, is an essential item to have stashed away in the boot. If its got a read-out screen, like this digital QZT electric car tyre pump and many others have, that’s even better. Of course, there’s always the spare tyre should you […]