Kids Spiderman Car Seat with Cup Holder Review

Kids Spiderman Car Seat with Cup Holder Review. Being a parent truly changes your life. While there might have once been a time when you didn’t think twice about the speed you were driving as long as it was under or on the limit, now that your child is with you, you will no doubt be more mindful to ensure that the journey goes by as smoothly and as safely as possible.


Marvel-Kids-Emprace-UKOne way to increase your child’s safety in a car is through a car seat. Now, the chances are that you are already equipped with one if you have a kid. Also, there is an equal probability that such a car seat has a generic and boring design. Your child deserves some fun, even when on the road. One way to make them happy is by providing them with the Marvel Embrace Spiderman Car Seat. After all, there is little that can go wrong when you have Spiderman with you.



One thing buyers despise about most car seats is the fact that children tend to outgrow them quite quickly. Hence, there is a different car seat for an infant, a toddler, and an older kid. What does this signify? Well, it means you need to say hello to various shop visits over the course of a few years.

This car seat, however, can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it as an infant car seat for your nine-month-old baby as well as a high back booster for your twelve-year-old. This multi-usability gives rise to massive convenience for parents of one or more children. As soon as one child outgrows having to use a booster seat it can be passed down to the next little one in line, so it makes a great money saver too.


Safety First

No kids car seat is worth the investment regardless of how cool it looks if it is not able to protect your child from harm. Customers found the Spiderman Car Seat with Cup Holders to perform this function adequately. The seat is equipped with thermoplastic which is known to be resistant to high impact and provides side-impact protection, rendering the material excellent for when (hopefully never) disaster strikes. Moreover, the five-point harness system ensures that your little one is secured firmly in their place.


Enhanced Comfort

The Spiderman Car Seat with Cup Holder also manages to provide children with the comfort they deserve. This is made possible by the generous amount of materials it is made with. That includes side-impact protection, along with the adjustable headrest and seats which are accompanied by extra padding to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

The headrest can be adjusted with immense ease by pushing a mere button which offers you the choice to choose between three positions. This feature plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that your child remains content throughout the journey, and is also one the features at the top of parents lists when looking for a good, multi-use car seat.


Flexible Harness System

The manufacturers of this car seat have gone the extra mile to ensure that the product is equipped to deal with a growing child. This is provided by the harness system which features energy-absorbing technology as well as three harness slots for comfortable strapping. Additionally, the material of the strap is made to be soft so that it does not bother the child. Reviewers found such a feature to be an excellent addition because not only did it ensure that the seat was as safe for a nine-month-old as it was for a ten-year-old, but it mostly provided a high level of comfort for all age groups.


Downsides of the Spiderman Car Seat

This super hero car seat manages to be safe and comfortable, but that does not mean that it excels at everything. As with all products, it’s rare to find one that pleases 100% of the people all of the time. As a result, there are a few flaws with this product that are worth mentioning.

Firstly, while the car seat claimed to be easy to transfer between cars, this is not what some customers experienced. It is true that the product is lightweight, but the fact that the product is difficult to install and remove from the car undermines the convenience and ease with which the car seat can be transferred from one vehicle to another.

Hence, if you don’t mind having a Spiderman car seat installed at all times, you are good to go. For others, get ready to spend considerable time in installing and removing the product. Also, while the material of the seatbelt is comfortable and well-padded, this does not stop it from twisting occasionally. This flaw slightly undermines the comfort of the seatbelt and the functions that it is supposed to perform. This is more of a slight annoyance than a serious issue, and definitely not a deal-breaker.



It is true that this car seat exhibits a few disadvantages, but when it comes to the safety of your child, the product is safe and passed all official regulatory tests (ECE R44/04) to be legally sold in the UK. The fact that Spiderman is bound to make your child happy is yet another bonus, and huge selling point of this car seat. Hence, if you feel like you can deal with the minor flaws of the product mentioned above to provide your little one with a fun car seat, the Marvel Spiderman 1,2,3 is certainly a good choice. Makes a great gift for those who have recently had a new addition to the family.

Update: There is another model of this booster seat which has been released more recently. It’s made by the same company, KidsEmbrace, but the design is different. It features a printed Spiderman design in the middle of the backrest and the Spiderman logo / writing on the headrest. While it does retail at a much cheaper price than the model reviewed here, the overall customer review score is nowhere near as good.

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  1. Marvel Spiderman Baby Booster

    Good review. Buyers should always read the reviews of safety items very carefully before purchasing the product. And when it comes to items like kids car seats, even more so. However, all car seats, including this marvel spiderman seat by Kids Embrace, have to pass rigorous tests before its allowed to be sold in the UK. So you can be sure that it is safe to use. There was a safety issue with the Batman version of this child seat where it was deemed as unsafe by Which? when converted to a backless booster seat. But the Batman seat passed all the tests required for it to be classed as safe to be sold to the public.

    The tests where it was considered unsafe were done by Which? themselves. And they are much more strict than what is legally required and considered as safe. Also, regardless of brand or style, in general, backless booster seats are considered as the most vulnerable, as they pose the most threat of potentially causing injury.

    Enough about that. The seat is safe and thats the main thing. It’s painfully obvious that the first thing that attracts any child, or paying adult to the spiderman car seat is the super hero design. They are much more inviting, and actually give a car seat a sense of fun. Kids will actually want to be sat inside it. In time, and on long journeys, I bet my bottom dollar the novelty of sitting on Spiderman will wear off after a while. This will be a slow process!

    This seat is like a racing car bucket seat! It’s got the two belt harnesses, clip in buckle thing and everything! Spiderman is most popular, then Batman and then the Turtle one. Mutant Turtle is the cheapest out the three. IMO for girls the 3 models are too boyish. Moms will be glad to know a Cinderella booster is made by Kids Embrace, too. I think they’re great. No isofix mounts but hey ho, use belts. Group 1 2 3, 2 Cup holders brilliant. Genius. Very cool and lots of fun for the little’un. 12 months, Toddler or older.

  2. Car Auto

    H there. I know its a bit late, but thank you for your excellent comment. Very informative.

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