How To Open a Bonnet On a Nissan Micra

So you’ve just bought a Nissan Micra and want, or need to know how to open the bonnet. This post is about opening the bonnet (Hood) on the older Nissan Micra’s not the newer ones. I don’t think the newer ones will be much different though. OK, lets say you are sitting in the drivers seat, on the side nearest to the accelerator pedal look down to where your knee / shin would be located.


Then look to the side of the plastic panel surround and you should see a little lever that has a tiny picture on of a car with it’s bonnet (Hood) open. Put your fingers underneath it and you will feel a lip / groove. Get a grip underneath the lever and pull the lever forward towards you and the bonnet will pop onto it’s latch. See the picture below (Click the image for a close look) for the correct location of the lever if your baffled.

Nissan Micra Bonnet (Hood) Release Lever

Then go to the front of the car and feel under the gap that has just been created by you pulling the bonnet lever. You need to locate the latch and push it to the left in order to fully open the bonnet. This latch is located slightly off the middle to the left. See the pictures below. Click any of the images to enlarge if you need a closer look.

Push to the left

And that’s it. Just push the lever to the left hand side and the bonnet will be opened. Have fun under there. Hope this quick guide helped you out.

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