Toyota Yaris Back Light Bulb Issues Fix

Toyota Yaris, a great car, very reliable. However, they do suffer from a few niggling problems. One being the back light bulbs. Sometimes they blow, or just stop working for no apparent reason. This is a problem I have had with my own Toyota Yaris. For some reason the back drivers side brake light would not work. First it worked when given a little knock from the outside. But then after taking the bulb out in order to see which replacement I needed to buy, and then putting it back in until I bought a new bulb, it just wouldn’t work at all. Faulty connection somewhere maybe? All the wiring seemed fine. The new bulb came, a 380W Capped. Great I thought. Tried to fit the new bulb, but it was still a total no go. No back brake light at all on the drivers side.


So I tried the other brand new bulb just in case one was faulty. Still no good. Surely you can’t get two brand new brake bulbs that are both faulty. Well I’m sure it’s possible but the odds of that have got to be pretty high. Due to the brake light not working properly before fitting any new bulbs, in my opinion it had to be the car. Here’s what fixed it for me.

In the book that mechanics look at when checking what car takes what part, like what oil is used in a Yaris etc, it says that my particular model of Toyota Yaris, a 1.3 VVTi SR takes a 380W Capped brake bulb. I’d already tried those bulbs and they didn’t work. So instead I bought a 580 12V 5W capped bulb and guess what. It worked straight away. Not sure why.

Toyota Yaris Driver Right REAR BACK LIGHT(2009)

End Date: Sunday Mar-31-2019 15:30:07 BST
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Toyota Yaris 3dr rear back light O/S/R

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This is just a post in case you are experiencing the same brake light problems and have tried everything else to no avail. You may want to try a 580 bulb and see if that fixes the problem. It did for me.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'll try this on my 01 yaris thanks

  2. Anonymous

    I’m having the same issue with my 02 1.0l Yaris but I cannot find a 580 bulb that would fit. Do you have a make or can recommend where I could buy one from?

  3. Car Auto

    Hello there. I got mine from Halfords. Take the bulb you want to replace into Halfords with you and tell them you want the same bulb but in 580. One of the staff should be able to locate that for you no problem. Cheers.

  4. Vernon

    My problem was water entering the rear light unit,corroding the cap or bulb holder. Cleaned it up and applied some lithium grease to keep corrosion at bay. Still need to get a new cap bulb holder . Help!

    • Car Auto

      They should be available on eBay. Worst case, at some point in the future you may need to buy a full back light cluster for around £15 – £20.

    • tony morgan

      Scrap yard, a few quid and good luck

  5. Muni

    My driver tail light not working. Manual say 12v21w builds which I got & fitted. Pack of 2 neither worked. Definately not the fuse as all other lights work.
    HELP! Please

    • Car Auto

      Hi, you should probably try fitting a larger Watt bulb. That worked for me. Cheers.

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