Petrol Cap Release On A Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a great car. They seem to be much less tinny than a lot of the other little cars I’ve had over the years. They are also a bit different in other ways too. When you first buy a Toyota Yaris you might be thinking to yourself, where the hell is the petrol cap release button..I was when I first bought mine. I was also close to running out of petrol at the time.


Well, there is a little lever button that you pull up with your finger to release the fuel cap lock. It’s located on the right side (UK) (Left side US) of the drivers seat, right at the bottom.

Just look down the side of the seat to the floor and you will see it. Here’s a picture in case you are still baffled and having trouble finding it. Click the picture to enlarge. Not sure if this is the same location used on newer models of Toyota Yaris.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you!!! Just saved my behind in a gas station in DC with a rental!!

  2. Car-Drives

    Haha. That's brilliant. Always happy to help. Drive safe.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing here, except in San Francisco 😛

    • Anonymous

      … Dublin airport. Scrambling for time.

  3. Deibuyagi

    Thank you thank you. Rental companies never tell you this stuff.

  4. Peter Schneider

    Thanks from a rental car customer at a gas station.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks! !!! Rental car people didn't tell me and I have a queue forming at petrol pump….

  6. Ana

    You saved me on a rental car in Bari, Italy! Thank you

  7. Joana

    Thank you ….i couldn t find

  8. Gui

    Thanks so much. In Guadeloupe, in the dark, tank almost empty, without a clue and of course no intenet access.

  9. Aleks

    Never is too late to learn something new. I did a que behind me at the petrol station. Thanks

  10. MUMUMM

    Saved me in a car rental in London! Thanks

  11. Gayle Bromberg

    Thanks so much. New car and filling up for the first time. Car handbook in a safe place at home waiting for me to read. Feeling totally stupid 🙂

  12. Aileen

    In Dundee, Scotland. Just picked it up from the garage and no handbook! Cheers

  13. Mike

    Holiday rental in the Dordogne here. Ten minutes of searching a French manual proved less fruitful than your site.

  14. Car Auto

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who left a comment on this post. Glad its helped so many people.

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