Want to talk about your car, or want to show it off and post some pictures. You are more than welcome to review your car and have it posted on this website. Just send the details such as your review and / or pictures to: contact@carauto.co.uk and it will be added to this website. Alternatively you can use the form below. Want to write for car auto, review a car related service, or post a car fix or error for others to look out for. You’re more than welcome to send that information too. All enquiries are usually answered within 48 hours.

I’m particularly keen on older Japanese cars like Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota, so if you have anything that fits the bill you are welcome to have it featured on this website. However, I’m interested in most old cars so don’t hesitate to send me your review or pictures on any car that’s over 10 years old. I look forward to them. Thanks.

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  1. Neil Davies

    I’ve got a Yaris sr X reg (UK) is on 140,000 miles il post pic soon

  2. Dominic Carrozza

    I have 2011 Yaris, i had the timing belt replaced at 99.000, just because of the mileage, now it reached 230.000 I think I will go fo another timing belt,
    Shooting for 300.000

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